Thursday, October 16, 2008 vs LogMeIn

I would like to share with you people a few software I had installed on my TyTn II. Orb and LogMeIn offers remote PC access. You can absolutely access your home computer if you are connected to a free wi-fi network when you're out! How slick and a,azing is that. Imagine accessing the thousands of video or audio files you have on your computer in an Internet cafe.

Okay.First one is This site is specially tailored for people who enjoy entertainment on the go. However, your home computer has to be switched on whenever you want to access any files on it. That might be a disadvantage as electricity prices shows no sign of a downward trajectory. Maybe in a few months due to the shaking and unstable economy. Watch all your videos or listen to all your favourite songs in the palm of your hands. This , in my opinion is a brilliant software given the limited storage space we have on our mobiles. Simply click on the video on the website and it will start streaming seamlessly on Windows Media Player on your mobile. Now, i bet you can throw away your slingbox already. Not forgetting that you can access your home computer on anything that connects to the World Wide Web. Oh yeah, you don't have to install anything on your mobile. Just your home PC.

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LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a software similar to just that this software is for people who like to control their home PC from the palm of your hands. For example, LogMeIn allows you to convert videos you plan to convert right from the palm of your hands.Imagine accessing the tons of programs you have on your computer in the palm of your hands. Similarly, you don't need to download anything onto your mobile. Just connect to a network and have the time of your life. This two softwares definitely made my life easier.Imagine.

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